6 FACTS: That Show Elephants Are Incredibly Smart

Who don’t love animals? God created all living things. So we should respect each other’s existence. Though Humans are considered as the superior animal but we cannot underestimate the intelligence of other animals.

Let’s see some interesting fact about one of the most intelligent and most lovable creature in all age group human’s ELEPHANT

Elephants are exceptionally smart creature and fascinate both scientists and general human being. They are recognized as most intelligent creatures having the largest brain of any animal in land its three times as many neurons as humans.

Source = Wildaid

1.They can identify the body language by observing the human pointing.

Source = Ichef-1.bbci

2. Elephant use use sticks, branches, ball as tools for performing their day to day activities.

Source = News.nationalgeographic

3.Elephants show empathy one another when distressed by physical contact and vocal sounds.

Source = Outsideonline

4. Elephants, understand death in the same way humans do. They grief and mourning on the death for hours.

Source = Isciencemag

5. They mimic human voices and have extraordinary memories

Source = Mentalfloss
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