Baby Cobra Encounters a Lion Does Something Unexpected

Lions are scary. Lion’s somewhat looks like a cat but they are extremely large in size and dangerous when compared to cat. However being a cat, even the mighty lion is full of curiosity for the brand new and unknown, and this trait of the tom cat domestic is rather obvious in home cats, as you’ll have seen.

Below lines describes it perfectly that how the mighty animal ‘lion’ can also be interesting. Check it out!

When two lions were secretly walking in the open ground then their eyes fell on something they have never seen before.

They saw baby cobra in the pool of water.

One lions went close to tiny thing. Then baby cobra began to hiss and thereby started showing the power.

Then an interesting standoff ensued.

Then both lions started to show up their dominance, they sat very close and cut off the way.

Photographer speaks: “Photographer Charlie Lynam, who gets the credits for capturing the intense moment, believes that it was the first time the lions had come across a cobra because they didn't seem to know how dangerous it can be.“

Photographer more impressed to snacks then lions.

“Talk about David and Goliath,” he said. “He was holding his ground and striking out at the lions when they came too close and went to swat him.”

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