Create A Cute Monster For your Kid Out Of A Bottle

Kids are very creativity and love to make things. And they always try to create something new. So you can help them make a cute monster container with waste material. You can use waste plastic bottles since we all have many plastic bottles lying at home. And this  way you can spend some more time with your kids.

Now Related Things you Required

Plastic Bottle



Wiggly Eyes


Source = Bestoutofwaste

1. First you need to collect same size and color soda bottle. Now you need to cut both bottle from bottom as the same distance.

Source = Bestoutofwaste

2. Get a zip as the same radius of the bottle. Use glue to stick both sides of the zip on the mouth of the two bottoms of the bottles.

Source = Bestoutofwaste

3. Now you have created the body of the monster. And use the wiggly eyes on the container. You can easily get it from the market.

Source = Bestoutofwaste
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