How to Make Creative Handbag with T-Shirt at Home

Make a creative handbag from your waste T-shirt in a few simple steps. In todays scenario plastic bags are banned because they cause pollution . So here is the easiest  and cheapest way to make creative hang bag in a couple of minutes.

Step 1 – Take out a t shirt from your wardrobe which is of no use.

cloth bag

Step 2 -  We don’t need sleeves any more. Say bye bye to the sleeves and cut them along the sides.

Step 3 – Cut the area of the neck from the t-shirt in a round shape as we can use it for some other purpose.

Step 4 ­– Now its turn for the bottom part. Cut the bottom part of the portion so that we can tie up these slash as a knot . If in case if you don’t want that knot hanging out round the bag, tie the slits to the inner part of the t-shirt at the bottom.

Step  5– Tie up all the slits from one corner to another in the same proportions.


Wow!  In just few simple steps,  your T-shirt is now a Handbag!  You can use it as u can .. !!


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