Pocket Panel: The New Wall Decoration Theme

When you talk about the most wonderful place of the world the first place that comes in your mind is home. Everyone wants it to be as unique and very beautiful. 

 Here the architectures came up with the new creation. Try this new wall decoration pocket panel theme for your boring walls. 

 Every year when it rains these notches turned into beautiful vases. The concept is created just to save as much space as possible. If you do not have any place to put your plants or flower you can try with this Pocket Panels. 

 See this very beautiful creation by project creators - Pocket Panel on walls.  Isn’t it just awesome?!

Try New Wall Decoration Theme- Pocket Panel

The exact look how Pocket Panel are designed

For keeping the walls clean the panel is designed with holes created of hydroponics in each flower pot for drainage.

It is designed for ornamental plants, herbs and certain kind of vegetables and berries.

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