Rendezvous With Scott Wade- The Inventor Of Dirty Car Art

Travelling on the dirty roads across Texas is Scott Wade’s favorite pastime. It helps in creating the appropriate canvas for his work. GUI designer by profession, Scott Wade became famous through his car dirt art.

It all started casually when just like others he used his fingers on dirty window panes of the cars to write messages or draw something. But later he realized he could give depth to his drawings. He used sticks, paint brush, sponge or anything he feels ca

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When his neighbors saw his work, they started offering him their cars. Scott Wade got media attention when an article about him was published in a local newspaper. Then he got some good offers from advertising industry and to paint live in big car shows a

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Scott Wade has created over thousand images including famous celebrities, replica of famous paintings by some big painters, landscapes and anything that appeals him. He has painted on mirrors of a restaurant where the owner has not washed his art since th

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The art of Scott Wade is not permanent but lives through electronic media and photos. After retirement he plans to tour the whole country and paint images that celebrate the particular region.
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