Surprise Your Lady with a Chocolate Flower Bouquet

Make a beautiful flower bouquet for your loved ones and make them feel special. They will defiantly love your creativity. We are going to show you how to create a chocolate flower bouquet in this video. You can impress anyone like your mother, sister, and grandmother because all ladies love a beautiful flower bouquet with a bonus of chocolates added is like a cherry to a cake. Things needed to create a chocolate flower bouquet:-

  1. You need some chocolates like Ferrero Rocher or as per your choice.
  2. Glue gun to stick.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Crepe Paper for the flowers.
  5. Green crepe paper for the leaves.
  6. Sticks for the stem.
  7. Green wrapping tape for the stem.
  8. Ribbon or thread to tie.
  9. Gift Wrapping paper to cover the bouquet.

Watch the video to create yummy yet beautiful bunch of chocolates flowers.

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