Have you Started Forgetting Regular Things; Is it sign of Alzheimer?

Alzheimer's is most known type of dementia. The word dementia illustrates a loss of mental ability connected with regular death of brain cells.

Symptoms of this generally grow slowly and get inferior or worse over time, becoming harsh enough to interfere with regular tasks.

Know the symptoms

Get worse ability to receive and remember new information such as-

  • Misplacing person belongings
  • Repetitive questions or conversations
  • Forgetting about familiar root
  • Do not remembering about events or appointments

Losses to complex tasking, reasoning, exercising judgment like-

Losses to complex tasking
  • Inability to manage finances
  • Poor decision making capability
  • Poor understanding of safety risks
safety risk
  • Inability to plan sequential or complex activities

Impaired visualization abilities (not necessary, it can be reason of eyesight problems)-

  • Inability to manage simple implements or adjust clothing to the body
  • Inability to identify faces or regular objects or in getting things in direct view

Impaired reading, writing and speaking-

reading problem
  • Speech, writing and spelling errors
  • Difficulty in thinking of general words while speaking, hesitations

Changes in personality and behavior-

behavior changes  
  • Loss of empathy
  • Out of character mood varies, containing agitation; lack of interest, initiative or motivation; apathy; social withdrawal
  • Obsessive, compulsive or socially deniable behavior

The early symptom is difficulty remembering about recently learned information.

Source: “healthline”

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