How to Kick Your Headaches with Powerful Home Remedies

Headaches can be challenging and miserable for the people who bear them. Whenever a headache hits, people run for over-the-counter medications or prescribed pain killers to find a quick relief. But one thing that you avoid is that pain killer drugs only repress the symptoms, it cannot heal the actual issue of what really stimulates headache.

So ignore temporary relaxation from these medications and start adopting the natural edible products that can give you the immediate relief from your headache. And these foods and drinks can make you feel better in no time!


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Ginger generally works against migraines by obstructing the synthesis of prostaglandin that is the imminent cause of the migraine. Chewing raw ginger is also an effective way in nausea.


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Whenever brain requires calcium, it gets difficulty in proper functioning and that is why headaches tend to happen. So ensure to intake sufficient amount of calcium enriched meals such as yogurt that is fat-free and a better source of calcium.

Spicy Foods

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If you have head hammering because of seasonal allergies, try moving for spicy foods. Spicy food shaves the capability to alleviate congestion and sinus pressure that in turn will reduce a sore head.

Add Herbs and Fruits in Summer Especially

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Herbs and fruits like - peppermint, lemon and apple must be included in the diet in summers. Mainly as the summer warmth worsens the case of headaches by including vomiting and nausea at times.

Red Bell Pepper or Capsicums

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Lavender Lemonade

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Lavender alone carries anti-inflammatory and anti-septic character and it facilitates in reducing headache discomfort. Lemon is the most refreshing and effective ingredient that also decreases headaches and hence when these two are added; they can majorly reduce anxiety and headache.


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Cinnamon can help to calm headaches that hit along with the common flu or cold. Cinnamon is packed with manganese and calcium, forms a best natural remedy to heal headache and other health matters.

What Foods and Drinks you Need to Give Up

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As some of the foods treat headache, similarly some of them stimulate headache. Caffeine, alcohol, night-colored vegetables and dried fruits are some culprits that have been recognized as headache triggers.
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