Ignoring Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer can be Fatal

Ovarian cancer causes death of the person.  You have likely heard about ovarian cancer that is a silent killer but there are some early signs. Unfortunately, a few of the earliest symptoms are simple to identify for both people suffering from cancer and their doctors to dismiss.

Some Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer:

Abdominal swelling, pressure or pain Weight loss Trouble eating or quickly feeling full when eating A frequent need to urinate (always feeling like you have to go or having to go often) Constipation Discomfort in pelvis area Other Symptoms may include in Ovarian Cancer: Back pain Fatigue Pain during sex Upset stomach or Constipation Menstrual changes If you have one or more of these symptoms that doesn’t mean you have cancer. These symptoms are not restricted to Ovarian Cancer. In fact, numerous of women have some of these problems at one time or another. However, consult your gynecologist for a physical checkup if you have several of these signs repetitively during a single month or if they continue.
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