Pay Attention to The Color Bar Of Your Toothpaste

Are you the one who pays attention to the color bar located on the bottom of your toothpaste tube? No. But after reading this amazing information regarding the color strips that tells about your toothpaste’s reality, you will definitely check the details before buying it. It is necessary to know the hidden truth about these colorful strips. Strips that are placed on toothpaste have four different colors relying on their composition. Here are the meanings of different color strips that you may come across:


Green Color: This color strip shows that your toothpaste is 100% pure and natural.

Red Color: This color stripe says that your toothpaste contains a mixture of natural and chemical constituents.

Blue Color: Blue Color is the proof of your toothpaste containing a blend of natural and medical components.

Black Color: This stripe tells that your toothpaste contains 100% chemicals.

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