Shocking Eggshell Benefits That Won’t Let You Throw Them

Eggs are well-known to their multiple versatility and source of protein and calcium. As you like egg as boiled, omelet or scrambled, but what about the eggshells? Do you throw them away like everyone?

After reading this, you never make such mistake to throw them away.

Source of Calcium

Decreases Blood Pressure

For Healthy Bones

Beneficial for bones and teeth as well as for muscles and nerves.

Regular Intake of Calcium

A half tbsp of eggshell powder includes over 90% of regular intake of calcium as approved by doctor for an adult.

For A Glowing Skin

Use as a face pack to get glowing skin.

Fertilize the Garden

Source = Wittyfeed
Helps in your garden’s bloom.

In Cleaning Home

Source = Wittyfeed
Squash eggshells and blend it with water to clean those dirty pans, pots and hard stains.

Good for Your Pet’s Health

Make a fine powder of eggshells and keep it over your pet’s meal for a better calcium supplement.

Sweeten Your Coffee

If you insert some crushed egg shells to your coffee prior to preparing, it will make it a less bitter.

Plant a Sapling

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Rising saplings in an eggshell is the very biodegradable way.
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