Top 10 Interesting Health Facts you need to Know

It is hard to know all the facts related to health and fitness. Improper health and poor diet are one of the main causes of the diseases. People are much aware about the lists that enfold the common problems of the body. So read on some of the unknown facts about the health those are missed by many people.

  • Right handed people live 9 years more than the left handed people
  • A single cigarette can reduce your expected life duration by 11 minutes
  • It has been said that you may lose your eye sight if you are too much addicted to smoking.
  • In the morning hours your height increases by 1 cm than in the evening.
  • If you are sleeping less than 7 hours every night your life expectancy can be reduced.
  • Sitting more than 3 hours in a day can reduce two years of person's life expectancy
  • A Father's Diet before conception plays a key role in a Kid’s Health
  • Laughing hundred times is same as 15 minute exercise on an immobile bicycle. So keep laughing!
  • Farting helps to decrease the high blood pressure and is good for health
  • Exercise like walking reduces the risk of the breast cancer by 25%
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