Which Type of Body Pain You Should Never Ignore

You all have felt some small pain in your body at different times. Whenever you feel a headache or stomach pain, you prefer to take a painkiller or sometimes you ignore it. But it’s not right to ignore that. Know how ignoring body pain could be harmful for you.

Constant & Severe Headache

If you frequently feel a severe headache and it doesn’t go away then it could be a symptom of meningitis, brain tumor or stroke.

Chest Pain

Chest pain is caused by heart, lungs, muscles, nerves or ribs problems in many cases. So, it’s better to consult your doctor without wasting any time. Don’t ignore it.


Minute tooth pain is very common, but if you have some harsh toothache, don’t ignore it. This long time ignorance could lead to jaw and dental injuries, including fracture or loss of the teeth.

Pain occurs in the lower right side of the stomach

If you feel any pain at that point it means you are likely have an appendix problem. Visit your doctor instantly, don’t take any chance.

Back pain in the middle with fever

It’s a sign of kidney inflammation with fever, vomiting and chills. Stay healthy and happy!
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