Some Sadistic Punishments In History That Are Jolting

What could be the worst punishment you have ever thought of or ever heard of? Well, read about historic punishments that will give you the creeps. These punishments are extremely sadistic and only devils could design them. Perfect example of inhuman acts that existed in history.

Tortured With Caged Rats:

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The victim was forcefully made to lie down and on him a cage with the bottom open was put on the person’s abdomen. In the cage were rats and on the sides and above hot coal or fire was kept. The heat would urge the rats to find a way to escape and resulting in the rats digging their way into the victim’s body in order to get away from the heat.

The Deadly Brazen Bull:

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In the ancient Greece this deadly device was created to punish a person. This is one of the most sadistic forms to kill a victim in history. Designed in the shape of a bull, it was made of brass with a lid on the side that could be locked. The victim was pushed into the cast and below it fire used to be list. The punishment was that the person would roast to death.

The Heretics Fork:

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