The Art of These Wacky Churches will give you Goosebumps!

The art is amazing and innovative but sometimes it is creepy and will left you with goosebumps. Look these sacred places where you go out for worship have some strange art captured inside them. 

 Look at these wacky churches that left you with Big Goosebumps! These churches are having some hidden secrets. Beneath them is very cemetery the secret is of crypt or Osauarry. 

 During the war too many loss of life took place. People at that time use to run short to bury the dead bodies. So they temporary burial and when the skeleton appeared they create crypt or Osauarry. They arrange the skeletal in creative ways to make them live forever.


See These Amazing Wacky Churches - Crypt or Osauarry!

San Bernardino alle Ossa, Milan

Source = Wittyfeed

Skull Chapel, Czermna, Poland

Source = Wittyfeed

Sedlac Ossuary Czech Republic

Source = Wittyfeed
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