30 Funniest Baby Facial Expressions

The first word that comes to your mind when hearing the word baby is ‘cute’. But there is another emotion that we all feel while looking at or playing with a small child and that is ‘happiness’. Away from the worries of the world, they create their own distinct world. And we love to live and experience some moments of their sphere. 

Babies are actually comedians. They make you laugh and feel joyous in whatever they do. Playing, eating, sleeping or even crying, we love them for everything. Their expressions are legendary and their comic abilities are exceptions. Without even uttering a word, they give you worldly pleasures.

We have found 30 of these cute babies that will brighten up your day with their hilarious facial expressions.

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1. Lift up your jaw, pull out your lips together and stretch them as far as you can. That’s a pout!

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2. Do whatever you want to. I don’t care

Source = Xinhuanet

3. Stop staring. Can’t you see I am feeling sleepy?

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4. I am going to eat it whole at once

Source = Askideas

5. Please give it to me

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6. I did it

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7. How many times do I have to tell you? I HATE BATHING

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8. Oh wait now. That’s enough. I am going to pee

Source = Danongonline

9. What have I done?

Source = Favim

10. Are you talking about me?

Source = Webcity

11. I think I pooped in my pants

Source = Winterbluemusic

12. What are you saying? :o

Source = Wendymccaig

13. I love it

Source = Mirror

14. Look I am so tiny

Source = Googleusercontent

15. Now that amuses me

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16. You can never be as cute as I am

Source = Kukuriku

17. I am the next Einstein

Source = Hdwallpapersrocks

18. I pose exactly like my mommy

Source = Makingitworkblog

19. Now that’s one hilarious selfie

Source = Funny-potato

20. So what? That’s none of my concern

Source = Lottieelizabeth

21. I know the secret but I won’t say

Source = Demiart

22. Ah haan, Is that so?

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23. I spent half of my life doing this

Source = Funnfun

24. My whole life was a lie

Source = Hits975

25. Don’t worry folks. I will kick out Trump

Source = Sweetactionphotography

26. And that’s how she ditched me

Source = Farrellfile

27. I will break your ass if it happens again

Source = Weirdexistence

28. I know. I am the best

Source = People

29. See what I found

Source = Rainydaysandmomdays

30. The sense of tranquility

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