Have you ever heard that Someone is Scared of Pickles? Know Some More Bizarre Phobias

Phobias!! It’s too obvious to have different  phobias. You are aware of the common terms that ever photocopied on the papers. Some have Animal phobia, some are scared of darkness, some have height phobias but these are common. Actually people know that these things are not harmful or not at all dangerous but even then they scare from them.

But you haven't heard about Pickle phobia!! A person who is scared of pickles! - Is it true?

Again True but Hilarious - Some People are Scared of Mashed Potatoes

Chromophobia- Some People are Scared of Yellow Colour! But most people count Yellow as their Favorite Color

Cotton Balls - What about so scary about Cotton Balls? But this is true some people find cotton balls scary.

Gametophobia - The fear of the people who always wants to remain single. No family, No Marriage.

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