10 Ways To Wear White Eyeliner To Make Your Eyes Look Gorgeous

Women are an unbelievable creation of god. There is no true word that can be used in their appreciation. Not just their outer appearance but their persona is exceptional. They deserve every moment of happiness in their lives and make-up is one thing that they cannot get themselves away. Women deserve to look beautiful and make-up takes it further.

Eye liners are a makeup essential these days. They make your eyes look beautiful, makes you appear instantly awake and most importantly switch the everyday look. Applying an all black eye liner is out of fashion. Here are some attractive ways to apply white eye liner.

1. Layer Your Eyeliner In The White Black White Black Order

Kourtney Kardashian traced her upper lash line with black eye liner and topped it with a white pencil. Along the lower lid’s waterline, she traced a white pencil then layered a black liner underneath. 

2. Brighten Only The Inner Corners Of Your Eyes

Trace the inner ‘V’ corner of your eyes with white/black eyeliner and use the other color for upper lid and lower lid.

3. Wear White Eyeliner Solo

A confident beauty obsessed girl wears a solo white liner and trust me this can totally pull it off! Trace the upper eyelid with a white pencil and flick towards the outer corner of your eye. 

4. Line The Upper And Lower Lids With Different Color

Give your eyes a cat like look from the sixties by applying black liner on the upper lid and white on the lower one. Mirroring them in the exact shape gives a perfect look to you.

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5. Get A Cool Girl Effect By Covering The Lower Half Of Your Upper Lid With White Liner

Make a neat thick line on the lower half (i.e. mid way to the crease) of your upper lid with white liquid liner. It doesn’t overtake the entire upper eye lid but when you open your eyes, you can see the pop of white. 

6. Use Black On The Top And Nude Pencil To The Bottom And Inner Corner

Wear a black liner on the top eyelid. Whitish nude hue perks up your eye instantly. So, softly line your bottom lid with whitish nude pencil. Diffuse a blending eyeshadow brush in it. Apply the same to the inner corner of your eye.

7. Line Your Upper Lash Line And Blend It To The Crease

Blending white liner to the upper eye lid gives an ethereal fairy finish. It is soft enough to use on any occasion and on anyone.

8. Create A Triple Threat Effect With White Liner Between Two Shades

Katy Perry is one of those who can pull off the 60s inspired look. It’s good to be bold. Use a black liquid liner across the upper lid, white in the middle and colored one on the top. 

9. Trace The Entire Eye And Draw A Straight Line At The Outer Of Lower Lid

This might not be an everyday look but definitely a cool way to wear white eye liner. All you need is a white pencil to pull this off.  

10. Make Your Eyes Bigger And Gorgeous By Focusing The Inner Corner

Black eye liner can sometimes give a look of closed eyes whereas white liner opens up your eyes. Accentuating the inner eye corner with white liner gives an illusion of big, elongated and beautiful eyes. But, if you find this look too harsh, smudge it out a bit. 

All images sourced from Cosmopolitan.

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