5 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

Cell phone is the major necessity of everyone daily lives. 

Today, a wide range mobile product is available in the market from cheapest to the most expensive mobile phone in the world. 

 Nowadays, Mobile phones are the gateway of everyone life. It ruled the human. If you really in love with cell phones than here’s a list that describe, which has top 5 most expensive mobile phones?

The Most Expensive Cell Phones Of The World

iPhone Princess Plus

IPhone Princess Plus is the most expensive mobile phones in the world. This iPhone is designed with gold, diamond. Its price is $ 176.400.

Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone

Sony Ericsson’s Black Diamond is also one of the most expensive cell phone. The price of this phone is $300,000.

Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra, the design of the cell phone is quite different having cobra design with one diamond, two emerald eyes, and 439 rubies. It is very expensive product.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

This phone comes with Vegas Jackpot. It is made of solid gold. The cell is surrounded by African backwoods that is more than 200 years old. The cost of the cell phone is $1 million.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Source = Wonderslist
The mobile is adorned with 50 diamonds. Apart of this there are sections in mobile phone that has rose gold it also provide protection against Kidnapping and Blackmailing. The price of the cell phone is $1.3 million.
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