New Avengers Video Game Unveiled | Watch Marvel Video Trailer Here

Marvel Entertainment cannot stop taking advantage of the universality of their comic book characters for some big video game titles. 

Marvel Entertainment has announced an agreement with game studios Square Enix. They will be developing and publishing original games based on the superheroes of Marvel Comics. Their first project will be The Avengers video game. 

Source = Marvel

This multi-year and multi-game partnership will be one of the most powerful alliances pairing creative minds in interactive entertainment. 

The Avengers project is being crafted by the award winning long time developers Crystal Dynamics (highly acclaimed for the game ‘Rise in Tomb Raider’) in collaboration with Deus Ex developer Eidos-Montréal. This project is being designed for the worldwide gamers. The fans of this franchisee will be enjoying all the characters, environments and iconic moments. It will feature a completely original story and a universe that can enjoyed by the fans for many years to come.

Video source = "Marvel Entertainment"

The teaser doesn’t give much information about the actual game but the voiceover and shots provide some hint of the state of the world. It looks like the superheroes have been banished or defeated and there is at least one person who realizes that the Avengers need to be reassembled. 

The publishers have not elaborated whether it will be a multi platform release or exclusively for gaming consoles. Further details will be announced in 2018. In the meantime, here is a statement from Jay Ong, Senior Vice President of Games & Innovation in Marvel Entertainment.

“By partnering with Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montréal, we are now working with two of the industry’s most talented and respected game development studios to bring Marvel stories to life in ways our fans have never experienced. The Avengers project is a perfect example of how Marvel is making games a key part of the landscape for Marvel storytelling, alongside comics, television and film. We can only do this by matching our greatest Super Heroes with the world’s top developers, such as the creative minds at Square Enix.”

We also have the forthcoming Spider-Man game for PlayStation4 and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite meanwhile. So it’s good to be a Marvel fan and a gamer. 

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