7 Year Old Sets up a Camera to Catch Santa, What Gets Recorded is really surprising

Every Christmas Santa presents the gift to children secretly. A lot has been said that it’s just a myth, because no one has real hard evidence about his existence. But a 7 year old boy, Evan believed Santa do exist.

Actually like us, Evan too was quite inquisitive to know about Santa Clause dropping present for the kids under the tree on Christmas Eve. To slaughter his curiosity, his parents told him that Santa usually does it when everyone else falls asleep. But Evan does not happy with the answer.

Evan was a smart kid; He took his big brother help and placed a hidden camera. He wants to know whether Santa really comes? What happened next will flabbergast you as well.

The boy wake up in the morning and ran to check the recording. But he was upset because nothing found in the beginning of the video. But later on what he saw, Santa actually entered in room. Then Santa flipped his finger, glitters were falling and gift au

Evan was much surprised after watching the video. But let me tell you guys, it wasn’t actually Santa, but he was Evan’s uncle Dean Fisher. He dressed up as a Santa, edited the recording with visual effects just to make his nephew surprised on Christmas mo

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