Crucifixion Is Still Used As A Rare Method Of Execution In Sudan

Crucifixion is still an official form of death penalty in Sudan. The length of time required to reach death ranges from hours to days. It depends on the method or wounded person or environs. When the person is hanging from a tree and the whole body weight is supported by the starched arms.

While the Crucifixion was an executions it was a criticize. Crucifixion was intended to provide a death that was a very painful death. Death was offended hastened by human action. The soldier could only leave the site when victim had died.

The representation of Jesus cross has been a symbol.  After both arms were fixed to the crossbar, The Patibulum and the victim, together, were lifted onto the stipes. On the low cross, four soldiers could accomplish this relatively easily. However, on the tall cross, the soldiers use either wooden forks or ladders. And victim is tied or nailed to a large beam and left to hang several days until he died.

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