Miracles Do Exist! These Twins are Born Just after 23 Weeks…

You never know how God will treat you next. Just stumbled on the net and got interesting news to share with you all. Twins Imogen Weir and Annabelle are the perfect example of God’s gift. The little ones faced a long battle before coming to the world, as they just enter the world within 23 weeks and 4 days. According to the sources, these twins are now recorded as the youngest twins ever. Seriously, no one could even imagine that if babies could enter the world in just a short span of time. 

Here are the pictures of the twins with her mother sharing the story.

1. Mom, Claire Weir with Imogen and Annabelle.

Source = Wittyfeed

2. Premature birth and the babies are then shifted to intensive care.

Source = Wittyfeed

3. After their birth, the babies were weighted under a pound.

Source = Wittyfeed

4. Truly a miracle, two still receive oxygen through a nasal tube, but doctors say that they will be soon off the tube.

Source = Wittyfeed

5. Mom , Claire was so scared when her water broke just after 22 weeks

Source = Wittyfeed

Woah! Parents are very happy to see their babies alive and healthy enjoying at home.

Watch story here :-


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