OMG! Can you believe it, Real life Pinocchio lives in U.K

We all have heard about the story of Pinocchio in our childhood which was written by Carlo Collodi. There is a child named Ollie Trezise in U.K who is being called the real life Pinocchio. He was born with an exceptional stipulation where the brain flourished through his nose.

At the age of 21 months the baby had gone through a number of agonizing operations to assist him to inhale. When his mother gave birth to Ollie she was totally amazed because he was very small although his nose was massive like the size of a ball. At first she was a bit troubled how she would handle him like this in future, but she knew that she loved him unconditionally and doesn’t matter how the baby looked she would take care of him.

The mother faced various nasty statements like her baby should never have been born and some call him ugly. But Ollie is a perfect child for their parents, and they feel for him.

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