OMG – Optical Illusion will surely make you look same pic Twice or even Thrice

Once in a while almost everyone suffers something tricky in their life. A confusion that sets in the mind, Oh God then what was that?  An optical illusion is generally indicated by the images which are visualized a bit different from the actual. Here is the list of images that will make you question yourself if you have seen it correctly?

Café Wall

Source = Twentytwowords
the gray colored lines in the image looks like they are curved. But you are wrong the lines are perfectly straight.

OMG! The spots are Floating like Waves

Source = Twentytwowords
The colorful visible spots in the image are actually not floating. Just focus on one spot and you will observe after a while that the image is now constant.

Rotating Wheels

Source = Twentytwowords
Nope the wheels are not turning around. They are still.

Black and White Dots

Source = Twentytwowords
Moving eyes around the image keeps on changing the colors of the dots.

Elephant Having 8 Legs?

Source = Twentytwowords
Can you count the number of legs this elephant have?
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