Secret Behind the Code A113 in Animated Movies

Well everyone here grew up by watching animated movies. Remember Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Monsters and many others the experience just refresh as we just think of them. 

You watched these movie many times. But I am pretty sure that you missed to notice some very unusual thing that is common in very animated movie. Yes the secret code ‘A113’ which is the most common in every animated movie from the Pixar and Disney Animation Studio. Especially, the code is shown in all Pixar movies. 

So have you ever thought about this code why animator is seeking in every animation movie? What is the secret behind it? Why A113 is so special to them?


Revealing the Secret Behind ‘A113’ Code?

Nothing very suspicious behind this code A113. Guys! A113 is just a classroom number at California Institute of Arts. Where many of the animators discovered and aced their art. It is just a way to show tribute to that classroom without which they would never be doing, what they are doing now. 

So Guys! Isn't it awesome? The secret Of A113


See Some Glimpse Of Code ‘A113’

On The Number Plate

On Train Headlight Car

Truck's License Plate Of Cars

At Ear Of Ratatouille

Source = Wittyfeed
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