Man Kisses King Cobra- Don’t Miss to Watch

King Cobra is the longest poisonous snake in the word. No one can ever dare to come in front of it. But a fearless man (age 22) from Thailand did something astounding  with the cobra, which left everyone stunned.

I cannot dare to do this! Hats off to this man!

In this video, a dauntless performer folds up and kisses a King Cobra so easily and lovingly. Really Mind-blowing!

On a live show, he plays with the frightening Cobra for more than a minute and kisses it several times. Watching him go mouth to mouth with the deadly reptile gives you a spine chilling experience.

The cobra snake is 3.5 m in length and this feat was performed at Krabi Snake Farm. Joel Pierce, an American videographer caught the footage and was telecasted on Barcroft TV.

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