‘OMG Just Got Pulled Over Again’: Student’s Last Text To Her Friend Before She Disappeared

A 20-years old student Toni Anderson studying at University of Missouri was last seen at 4.42 AM on Sunday morning. She left from her part-time job at 4 AM in the morning in her black Ford Focus and wanted to get to the petrol station.

Source= “Giet Hiet”

Now her family is very worried and have requested the public to contact if they get any information about her whereabouts.

Her boyfriend Pete Sanchez is extremely distressed about Toni’s disappearance and says:

“Every time I leave the house, I hope the next face I see in public is going to be her.”
“It was just like any other night. I just thought she’d come home.” he added.

The Kansas City Police have started extensive search for Toni by using her last contact as a lead.

Source = Mirror

Toni had texted her friend Roxanne Townsend which read, ‘OMG just just (sic) pulled over again’.

Roxanne said,

“It was exactly 4:42 when she texted me and said, ‘I just got pulled over again.”

Source = Mirror

Fox4News has reported that Toni has not been seen since early Sunday morning nearby 9-Highway and 20th Avenue when an officer in North Kansas had stopped her for an illegal lane change but then allowed her to go with a warning. 

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