Shocking! Know How Our Days on Earth are limited

Do you know? Why our days on earth are limited? So it is the time to wake up and know why it is.

Due to Erratic weather patterns and dramatically raising sea levels the ozone layer is melting and the polar caps are melting. We are are contributingin choking our planet and thus making it count its last breath. But do you know? By helping our planet we can not only savr our planet, we can also make our lives happy and safer for our future generations.

Here are some before and after global warming picture.

Here we are showing The Enterprise Bridge’s photos of 2011 (left) and 2014 (right). That bridge is nearness Over A Section of Lake Oroville. Due to global warming, it is the worst floods of California. Resultant landscape changed also loss of gallons of f

Artic Ice pictures of 1983 and 2012: Artic will have fully ice-free summers by 2040 says Climatologists.

Picture of The Great Barrier Reef of 2002 and 2014: This is in great danger because of increase in temperature of the sea.

Picture of The San Blas Archipelago In Panama of 2002 and 2014.

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