6 Terrific Ways, How Apple Is Crafting Our Future

Apple is a big name in technology, always inventing new stuffs for crafting our future. 

In past year, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published thousands of patents that apple applied. Looking at its patents can be very funny and beyond are imagination. 

Here is some of the most interesting patent which apple is talking about that can craft our future. Let’s not talk about it is not about talking it’s about imagination.


See and Imagine the power of the Apple Patent

Magnetically detachable earbuds that can switch between wired and cordless.

About autocorrect made a ducking mistake.

Edge-To-Edge, Wrap-Around Display.

A new laptop keyboard in which has sense that you press down.

Apple Watch as "life alert" urgent care system.

Using your own voice to change the channel or search for TV listings.

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