Ecocapsule tiny and luxurious portable house

Ecocapsule is an amazing portable house that offers unique residence experience. With this divine and lovely aerodynamic figure, it has boomed in the world.

This sleek egg-shaped capsule looks like a spaceship, completes with antennae and a futuristic cell layer.  

Ecocapsule house inside

The interior of the ecocapsule encompasses a small seating region and workplace, a kitchenette, a bed, shower area and a toilet. A storage space can be accessed from the outer surface and a couple of opening windows give natural light. Access to this small residence is obtained by a single lifting door.

How does Ecocapsule work?

  Ecocapsule house function

Solar cells

The set up solar power is 600 Watts. It consists of high-efficiency solar cells in order to get the most out of energy production.

Wind turbine

Low-noise wind turbine is distributed up to 750W all through the day and night. Telescopic pole, on which turbine is located, can be simply folded for smooth moving. The wind turbine can generate electricity for about 24 hours a day.

Rainwater collection

The exclusive or unique shape of Ecocapsule not only reduces heat losses but also gives the most crucial thing for life; Water. Rain water is composed on the shell, where it is pro composed to water tank and filtered for your ease or convenience.  

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