Electric car FFZERO1 – A race car that speeds up beyond your expectations

The electric car introduces Faraday Future as its first concept car. The autonomous or self-governing, Batmobile-like car, named the FFZERO1 is a wonderful super speed race car.


Crazy features of FFZERO1:

  • It claims more than 1000 horsepower and can move from 0 (zero) to 60 within 3 seconds.
  • It features 4 motors, one at every wheel and can accomplish a top speed of 200 miles in an hour.
  • It comprises a helmet to give water and oxygen to the driver.
  • Aero tunnels integrated into the design to the channel air by the vehicle to decrease drag and cool the batteries.
electric car

It has a Smartphone dock in the steering wheel and utilizes amplified reality to project things onto the roadway in front of the driver.

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