Great and Shocking Inventions to Match Your Comfort

We all are living in a digital world, where every day brings something new to us. There are some mind-blowing inventions you didn’t know about them. On seeing these inventions you will be amazed and will think how did I live without them till now?

Pizza Scissors

Ahh…. Finally!

See through Umbrella

Just for your comfort.

Password protected USB

All the passwords, Manuscripts, Screenplays, Bank account info or something else, all is secure inside this tiny miracle.

Table Tennis Door

For friendly neighborhood matches, bring the door down and let’s do it.

Genius Plug

It will surely save us from all those part awake and part asleep shocks early in the morning.

Frame TV

A perfect hybrid.

Flask Tie

Office will be easier now and your boss a little bit annoying.

Crumb Catcher

Well it ought to care for those wasted crumbs.

TP Holder

It’s definitely better to keep extra rather than demanding for it from the crack of the doors.
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