How to Boost Your Instagram Account by Your Smartphone

Many people now have the choice to share a phase of their lives by pictures and quick status updates and all credit goes to Smartphones and Apps.

So if you are eager to make your online presence noticeable on instagram then just follow these 10 quick tips:

  1. Pick the best phone with remarkable camera quality and storage.
  2. Find the apps to watermark and caption your posts together with KIK to talk with others.
  3. Ensure that your profile picture is well-dressed and pleasing to the eye and not stuffed with text.
  4. Your bio must only be between 4-5 lines and don’t try to overuse emojis.
  5. Your photo must be in high-definition, at least 1080 x1080 pixels.
  6. Use the power of words to create funny or relevant captions.
  7. Take complete advantage of hash-tags (#) so people could notice your pictures more.
  8. Do posting between 8-11 am, 2-4pm and 7-9pm because these are very effective schedules.
  9. If you are a new user of Instagram, you must be posting at least 2 images in a day.
  10. Become friendly with other users and carry on discussions.

Source = Wittyfeed
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