Make Your Life Easy And Comfortable With Flic

Flic is a simple and smart wireless button that allows you make a shortcut to your favorite actions so that you do not have to touch your mobile phone. You can stick it anywhere.

With the flic, you can make a shortcut to call a taxy, turn lights or T.V. on and even text your loved ones of your location if you are in trouble. Flic can do even so much more…

Control your home: Flic is unified with all automation tools of home. Only with one click, you can raise the room temperature, turn your lights on and even turn on your favorite playlist.


Flic as your personal photographer: Keep your phone on the shelf and let everybody be in the photo. Let flic be your photographer and take a photo for you without standing to be near your mobile phone. Flic is connected with your phone’s camera shutter task.


Never misplace your phone again: Stop asking anyone to ring your mobile when you lose or misplace it. Only put a Flic on your wall and if your phone is close, Flic can simply ring it so you know where it is.


Keep your loved ones safe: Flic will alert your family and friends with your exact GPS-location if you are in trouble. It integrates with your mobile’s GPS functioning to keep you safe.


Other things that you can do with the help of Flip:

  • Make a fake call
  • Order pizza
  • Play music
  • Timer
  • Set the right mood
  • Call your favorites
  • Share location
  • Send distress signal
  • Navigate

Watch its wonderful and shocking functions in below video

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