Truth Revealed About Extraordinary Photos on Internet

A big truth is revealed about internet photos like photos of models, actors, actresses or any beautiful place. We are stunned to see their flawless beauty and great clarity. Can you create these types of pictures of yourself, others or can you make the place that you captured in your camera or phone more beautiful.

As capturing an excellent photo is so hard, excluding the use of Photoshop. Most online photographers take the easy way out with their pictures by using Photoshop. It not only saves your time and effort, but also provides you great results. So Photoshop is a boon or a curse? It all depends on you.

Peter Stewart who is a famous photographer has millions of outlooks on his page due to his amazing photography. He captured some simple pictures and posted them before and after Photoshop take on it. So you can finally notify the difference between a normal photo and an excellent photo with the help of Photoshop tools.

A single exposure edit

Source = Wittyfeed
Color and temperature amendments using Adobe

A Nik Color Efex was applied for the creation of this one

Source = Wittyfeed
HRD bracketing that was merged in manually.

A single picture was flipped twice and then merged

Source = Wittyfeed
Brightness was also enhanced in order to bring out the fine details.

Re-correction of view along with elimination of power line

Source = Wittyfeed
And then colors were regulated using Color Efex Pro.

HDR bracketing mixed by Photoshop manually.

Source = Wittyfeed
Along with color effects provided by Color Efex Pro.

Orange sky and slopes were done via Adobe Cameraraw.

Source = Wittyfeed
Sun rays were provided using Photoshop.

Detailing Completed by Cameraraw

Source = Wittyfeed
Nik Color Efex applied to regulate colors on the picture.

Nik Color Efex was applied to increase the colors

Source = Wittyfeed
Sky adjustments were executed using Photoshop.

Multiple exposes were mixed in for this picture.

Source = Wittyfeed
HRD bracketing along with Color Efex for post creation.

Adjustments completed in order to insert contrast and include color.

Source = Wittyfeed
Then the picture was merged into a frame with additional sun glow.

Double exposures were merged in using Photoshop.

Source = Wittyfeed
Color adjustments completed via Nik Color Efex Pro.
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