World’s first fascinating and attractive amphibian bike- Biski

Gibbs has now launched two and three wheeled bikes that you can drive straight down a boat ramp into the water or on the road. When you desire to switch and move into the water, just touch the button and they change to jet skis, retracting the wheels out of the way and exchanging to jet momentum.

There is no interruption- the switch from roadway mode to water mode is done within 5 seconds, so you hardly even lose energy as you drive in or out of the water.

biski bike in water

Some amazing features of Biski

biski bike on road  
  • Raise speed of 80mph on road and 37mph on the water.
biski bike   
  • Highest power output is 55-horsepower.
  • Engine with 2 cylinder petrol provide excellent performance.
  • Fuel capacity is 20L.
  • Available in blue color.
  • Weight- 228 kg
  • Length 2350 mm
  • Width- 950 mm
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