World’s First High Tech Camera that Detects Methane Gas

Methane is a colorless and odorless gas. It is also called as marsh gas or methyl hydride. It is simply ignited and the fumes of the gas are lighter than air.

Leaking of the gas is bad for the atmosphere. Methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas and decreasing the methane productions is really important. But on the other hand, methane is also a precious resource that is utilized for energy and as a feedstock for chemicals, plastics. So wasting the Methane Gas is not purposeful.

Methane gas detector camera

Source: "cbsnews"

Surprisingly, Swedish scientists have invented a camera through which Methane Gas is visible. The tool facilitates researchers studying greenhouses gases and helps them in responding to the complicated questions about the climate change. Magnus Galfalk of Linkoping University clarifies that the camera works for utilizing infrared spectroscopy i.e. called "hyperspectral imaging, the technique simultaneously captures a range of infrared light for each pixel in a picture. Many gases soak up infrared light, and not only methane (CH4). But the camera is modified to notice the signature of methane gas.

To calculate methane gas on a very tiny scale, scientists can gather an air sample in one place and examine it for methane back in the laboratory. Satellites in space can also determine methane on a local or even worldwide scale. But the camera fills a space between these two scales. It also allows researchers in identifying the sources of methane gas and observing the movement.

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