Wow! Stunning Concept Cars Are Coming Soon In Near Future

Cars are the most luxurious and needy asset. Some of its concepts will surely grab your attention. Purchasing them may not be possible for everyone, but feasting one’s eyes on them is also a great choice.

Check these amazing concept based cars in the countdown that may hit the road soon –

Toyota FT-1

Source = Wittyfeed
A real sports car; this one is great in work and performance on the track. Elements of emotion and full energy can be appeared in this model and you may get to see the same in upcoming cars from Toyota.

Pininfarina Sintesi

Source = Wittyfeed
It puts to utilize the concepts of “transparent mobility” and “liquid packaging”.

Mercedes Benz Biome

Source = Wittyfeed
This one boasts of being prepared from a bio-fiber cloth, where the panels are developed from organically harvested and heritably modified trees.

Citroen Survolt Concept

Source = Wittyfeed
It’s an electric racing car that runs on battery. This feature makes it a zero-emissions vehicle. It will be really useful in the future.

Alfa Romeo Pandion

Source = Wittyfeed
The doors of this car are the most important thing that opens by rotating, complete 90 degrees upwards. The rear of the car is created of a striking mesh of blades.

Taihoo 2046

Source = Wittyfeed
This car would possibly capture the age group 18-35 and it’s intended for couples who are bold and young and like it showy. The inner of the car can be changed into a camping tent and the bent window can be doubled up for watching movies.

BMW Gina

Source = Wittyfeed
This car challenges the conventional models of automobiles and would be the rebel in its position.

Bugatti Aerolithe

Source = Wittyfeed
It is the car for 2025, specially a sports car and made by Douglas Hogg.

Audi Calamaro

Source = Wittyfeed
It’s a flying car without any propellers or wheels or thrusters. Well, that’s the ultimate and number one concept.

Cadillac world thorium fuel

Source = Wittyfeed
It uses the most durable and strongest materials such, that the car can move on without maintenance for 100 years. Its extraordinary design has 24 wheels in groups of 6 each that however require readjusting every 5 years.

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