Wow! There Are Two Secret Games on Facebook Messenger

Everybody loves to use messenger because it’s very convenient to link with family and friends. But there is another amazing thing about Facebook messenger. It has been now updated with two secret games to offer more ways to interact with people.

Do you have the desire to play chess on facebook messenger?

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It is definitely possible, so get your Smartphone ready and link to the internet.

Just type “@fbchess” to show up the chess board.

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Every tile in the chess board is basically represented through a number and a letter.

In order to shift your pieces, always start with “@fbchess”.

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For instance, shifting the pawn to square D2 would mean typing “@fbchessPd2”.

If you require help, type “@fbchess help”.

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It will help you to know how to choose colors, choose opponents and how to make possible moves.

But what if you desire to play basketball in its place?

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Well, it’s now available on facebook messenger too.

One of the advantages here is that you can chat with people.

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Thus if you don’t like chess and if you still desire to keep the chat going, you can play basketball in its place.

To start playing, only place the basketball emoji.

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Once you have got it, deliver it to your selected opponent.

Once you have penetrated it, strike the emoji.

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Striking the basketball will trigger a hoop so you can play.

Use the finger to manage the ball.

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You may think that it’s simple, but it gets hard after every round.

But you can win with 1 score.

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How? If your competitor has not updated the Messenger app, then he or she could not play and could not be able to make score.
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