Your Socks And Urine Could Be Used to Power Smart Phones Soon

Scientists at the Bristol Bio Energy Centre at the West Bengal University implanted the socks with MFC’s (Microbial Fuel Cells).

It’s one way of charging your phone. It includes wearing a pair of socks that will generate energy when urine is pumped by them while a person walks.

Source = Kickerdaily
This structure effectively ran a wireless transmission board that was able to drive the message ‘First Wearable MFC’ every 2 minutes to the computer-controlled recipient. It opens the possibilities for utilizing urine to power wearable devices. Mobile phones that are already powered with MFC’s are using urine as fuel. It’s the system that is self sufficiently, running on just human power, utilizing the action of foot as the pump and urine as fuel. This experiment opens the door to possibilities to use waste wearable electronics and powering portables. It will be the best charger of your Smartphone.
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