Zinnia Flower: The First Blooming Flower in the Space

Nasa has announced the first flower blossomed outside the earth’s atmosphere. After a long waiting and countless trials for the first time ever a flower has bloomed in the zero gravity of space. It flowered on the ISS (International Space Station) along with 13-petalled. Other plants like wheat and lettuce have been grown in space but never a flower has blossomed in the space.

first flower in the space

Source: "newsyahoo"

This flower is more sensitive to environmental factors and light features. It has taken a longer time to grow as 60-80 days. Therefore, it’s a very complex for a plant to grow and blossom along with the longer duration

The flower development of comestible Zinnia that belongs to the Asteraceae family is surprising. It is sure that this occurrence will give positive hope of successful extra-terrestrial agriculture growth.  

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