5 Most Incredible Royal Hotels of India, Actually As Palaces

India is known for its well flourished royal heritage. After 1947, when India got its independence there are several states and territories joined hands with royal hotel chains in order to keep their royalty alive. 

 Several royal families started selling their palaces and properties to hotel chains in order to earn a living. Now there are many royal hotels in India that attract tourism. These Royal Hotels are present all over the countries. 

 Here are some very well known royal hotel that attract great tourist attention for perfect royal experience.


Experience The Royalty Captured In Royal Hotels

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

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Rambagh Palace of Jaipur is located 8 km away from the city. The family of Maharaja of Jaipur used this palace as hunting lodge. It is considered as one of the best royal hotel that providing royal experience to its tourist. It was coverted into royal hotel in 1957. Today it is managed by Taj Group.

Fernhills Palace, Ooty

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It is cosidred as the summer place for Wadiyar royals from Mysore, It is very beautiful palace in Ooty. It is spreads across 50 acres of land. The British acquired it later on leaving behind a colonial legacy with large windows and fireplaces in every room.

Devi Garh by Lebua, Udaipur

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It is a hill top fort with 39 rooms and was home to the Delwara rulers. While the exteriors of the palace look ancient, the interiors reflect a minimalist contemporary style.

Deogarh Mahal, Rajsamand

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Built by the royal family of Deogarh, they still own the palace and live in one part of it. The royal hotel has 50 rooms, each of which have their own character from a different era of time. The palace is located on a hill somewhere between Jaipur and Udaipur.

Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

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Taj Falaknuma Palace is considered as the residence of Nizam of Hyderabad. Roman pillars, crystal chandeliers, marble staircases, Japanese gardens and priceless interior decor are just some elements that describe the hotel. The library of the Nizam is said to house one of the rarest versions of the Quran
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