How about exploring glass-bottom bridges of China

China is a sovereign state in East Asia and also the most populous country of the world, with 1.35 billion population and second largest country in the world.. An approximately 9,600,000km square of area in china is covered with beautiful forest and misty mountains. Mountains with beauty as well as with adventure- Adventure with new glass-bottom bridges.

Shiniuzhai Geopark new glass walkway-

Shiniuzhai Geopark Bridge linking the two peaks of Stone Buddha Mountain. This is the world’s longest glass-bottomed walkway i.e. 984 foot long 180m above the ground. Bridge’s floor is made up of double layered glass 24mm, and 25 times stronger than regular window glass. Previously bridge been made of wood but 11 engineer’s hard work and creativity now converts it into glass and it is referred as a ‘Hero bridge’.

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