Know The Reason Why Hintatuan River is Being Called as An Enchanted River

The Hinatuan River is located near the southernmost island of the Philippines. It is also called as “The Enchanted River”. After hearing a much about this beautiful river and the sceneries around the place, everyone if curious to know why the river is called as mysterious!

The Enchanted River  starts from a 80 feet deep spring. A wonderful fact about this river is that salt water miraculously flows down without any visible source. The water of the river  water is amazingly clean, transparent and deep blue.

The Hinatuan River is very popular and is one of the most famous tourist places of Philippines. So check out its wonderful picture.

A river on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

An Amazing and Beautiful view?

All Tourists are trying to find out the mystery.

Some people believe that, in this river seawater flowed via long tunnels and caverns deep beneath the ground, after that at last realigns at the spring.

Nature at its best

The deep blue water, trees, pools etc are representing the heaven grace.

It's still a mystery.

With the number of animals living in the river, the area is very famous.


The bluish color of the deep water and its transparency remains throughout the day.
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