Top 5 Beautiful Places to Visit in England Before you Die

England invites travelers and adventure seekers to get indulged into its rich traditions, exciting cities and royal palaces. England is a part of the graceful British Isles that embraces picturesque views of castles, a beautiful picture of lakes and many other historic sites.

Explore the beautiful Places in England

The City of Bath

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The City of Bath is a beautiful place to visit in England. If you have a day left to visit England, City of Bath is just the site to visit. In one day you can explore the amazing locations near the country side, can enjoy the somerset landmarks etc.

Cambridge University

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Very popular university that draws hundreds of visitors to England.

Eden Project

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Eden Project is another elegant yet modish place to visit in England that hosts various arts and music events. It is a collection of exclusive biomes containing an incredible clump of plants from all over the world.

Warwick Castle

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Warwick Castle is situated in the Warwick city on the river Avon and was built in 1068.

Historic Yorkshire

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Yorkshire is divided into 4 treks East, West, North and South. It embraces many ravishing historic towns, homes, shops, churches and romantic streets.
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