10+ Small & Cool Best Friend Tattoo Ideas For This Friendship Day

Best friend is not just a friend but he/she is a family to you. Most people search for the way to showcase the public of their t...

6 years ago
10+ Small & Cool Best Friend Tattoo Ideas For This Friendship Day

Best friend is not just a friend but he/she is a family to you. Most people search for the way to showcase the public of their true friendship. And with the today’s affection list, tattoos have become the easiest way to be seen by everyone. If choosing a tattoo which would leave a permanent mark for the rest of your life is quite difficult, choosing a best friend and best friend tattoo for the rest of the life is also same.

Best Friends are best, if you and your bestie are actually twins then you might have discussed of getting matching tattoos before isn’t it? Although there’s nothing like matching tattoo with your best friend to show that unity is forever, you can still get creative with your tattoo.

Today is not the friendship day, but we would like to celebrate the best friend day randomly by giving you the ideas of how to be creative inking tattoos.

If your best friend is truly your BFF, he/she will make it permanent by getting inked with you. And, yes friendship never happened unless you get a tattoo and upload it isn’t it right?

Best Friend Tattoo is a fun way to show love to your awesome relationship!!

1) Thick and Thin

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It is usually said - ‘we’ll be best friends through every thick and thin’.  This is very small tattoo that you can get inked on your chest or on wrist.

2) Amazing Combo of Peanut Butter and Jelly

Fun little pb&j walkins today I did the jelly @anti_von_d did the peanutbutter!

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The combination of Peanut Butter and jelly go together in a sandwich. It is a fun way to represent your friendship.

3) To Infinity and Beyond

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Another simple yet beautiful tattoo that represent the infinite love in friendship.

4) Thumbprint Hearts

Source = Tattoo-models

A beautiful thumb print of heart on the wrist or on ankle is a good spot for the best friend tattoo.

5) Friendship Beyond the Words

Source = Tattoo-models

Funny yet cute!! The tattoo is beyond deep words and an excellent indication to the friendship. The tattoo looks beautiful when inked on ankles.

6) Birds Tattoo

Source = Tattoo-models

You know that birds of the same feather fly together. The placement and the size of the bird is an important mention in the bird tattoo.

7) Playing Cards tattoo

Source = Tattoo-models

If you are a group of 4 then get inked with 4 different suits of cards.

8) Scissor Tattoos

Source = Tattoo-models

The best friends may have same passion and love for craft and beauty.

9) Heart and Key Tattoo

Source = Tattoo-models

Heart and key tattoo always looks sentimental and nice. However, you and your best friend can keep it simpler by custom designs.

10) Paper Plane tattoo

Source = Tattoo-models

If you are childhood friends, paper plane will surely remind you of those days when you used to fly paper planes in the room.

11) Sparrow Tattoo

Source = Tattoo-models

Sparrow tattoo has a beautiful meaning that suites relation, love and best friends. However, colored sparrows look more fascinating.

12) Music Tattoo

Source = Tattoo-models

If you and your best friend is a music lover, what better tattoo you can get inked than of music notes?

13) Favorite Cartoon Characters

Source = Tattoo-models

You can ink your favorite cartoon characters together and have it tattooed on your wrist.

14) Roman numerals

Source = Tattoo-journal

The roman numerals represent the date when your friendship started or the day when you had shared a special moment.

15) Infinity and Heart Tattoo

Source = Tattoo-journal

Heart depicts love and infinity denotes the friendship has no ending.

You can get unique designs, friendship quotes, to represent your friendship together. So which one you have saved for your next tattoo?? Send the pic of the tattoos to your bestie, and don’t worry it will not hurt much….


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