12 of The Coolest & Most Expensive Hobbies Ever Known

Have you ever wonder what millionaires do with all their cash and bucks, when it comes to the hobby? Well, we bet this list of some interesting and expensive leisure activities that millionaires generally prefer to do will amaze you like anything.

6 years ago
12 of The Coolest & Most Expensive Hobbies Ever Known

A Hobby a Day Keeps the Doldrums Away! What do you think? Well, definitely it is no surprise that having a hobby that we perform, boosts our leisure time, brings us joy, enriches our lives and gives us the opportunity to learn new skills.

When asked about the hobby, people come up with some unique and exciting things like golfing, photography, reading books, swimming, surfing the internet, cycling, photography and many other common things.

You’re probably wondering you have to break your banks for these casual hobbies like photography, gardening, or swimming because most of the leisure activities need at least few bucks of investment. But you probably have no idea just how pricey some hobbies can be and people are actually spending thousands of Dollars, maybe they are rich enough to perceive that kind of hobby. Below, is the list of the expensive hobbies, let’s find out

1) Yacht racing

Source = Wordpress

You’re probably wondering how people can spend hundreds of dollars in just one hobby, but for millionaires, the yacht is like a leisure toy.  Yacht racing is one of the most popular hobbies among billionaires, which costs around $8 to $10 million excluding the cost of labor to build and maintain. Can you believe it $8 million bucks for a single hobby! It's pretty obvious this leisure activity only belongs to someone who is rich enough to buy the expensive Yacht while the rest one can only watch others participating in yacht racing.

2) Collecting Cars

Source = Mostexclusivecars

You often heard about the hobby like collecting coins, the cap of bottles, paintings, wine, and antiques but have you ever heard about the hobby of collecting cars. It is shocking right? But again the hobby belongs to rich people they love to collect the expensive and rare pieces of cars like a sports car, vintage car, muscle car and lot more. We can’t even imagine how much money it requires but it will not only expensive to buy the cars but to maintain and store also. Jay Leno, Ralph Lauren, Jerry Seinfeld, etc are some of the people enjoying this hobby.

3) Aviation

Source = Aviationcv

If I am not wrong, one of the fascinating thing about our childhood was to watching flying plane and fantasy to fly it. Some people took it quite seriously and enjoying the leisure of aviation these days. Aviation is one of the most admired hobbies among the billionaires. Learning to fly a plane cost around $7000 and can be extended up to $15000- $20000 which is like many bucks and normal people can’t even imagine owning such hobby.

4) Expensive Pets

Source = Nationalgeographic

Hilarious it is, it seems like rich people are banned to buy regular puppy or kitty! Apparently, for some rich people, it is not acceptable to own a dog or kitty  because every next person can buy it, instead, they love to keep some expensive pet like cheetah, monkey, octopus, etc. So, don’t be surprised if you see a millionaire with one of these expensive pets.

5) Skydiving

Source = Adrenaline

Most of the people have a dream to relish and experience the skydiving once in a lifetime. Although skydiving is not the priciest activity if you just try it once but, what if people make it a hobby? Shocking! isn’t it? In general, the skydiving cost around $150 bucks but if you want to make it a hobby then, the cost can add up promptly which can reach up to $1500. Thus many of the rich people make it a hobby and don’t be surprised if you see a millionaire spending thousands of dollars on skydiving without any fret.

6) Ballroom Dancing

Source = Theatre-de-bligny

Ballroom Dancing! Sounds like a lavish and glamorous hobby, isn’t it? Well, couples just love to explore ballroom dancing and if it is about few lessons then, it is pretty much ok, but when it comes to hobby it is really expensive.

Ballroom dancing is an exceptional and beautiful art that combines physical movements and emotional storytelling and it cost around $10,000 including other expenses like transportation, lodging, etc.

7) Scuba Diving

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Like skydiving if you want to try scuba diving once in a lifetime then, it won’t necessarily break the bank. But, making this aquatic leisure a hobby can cost you around $800-$1500 which is like so many bucks.

8) Art or Paintings Collection

Source = Sajidahussain

We often heard about the beautiful and intense art exhibition but do you know there are few people who spend thousands of dollars for buying just one piece of artwork? Well, it is understandable if someone buys one or two art piece but what if they make it a hobby? One art piece can cost like a vintage car so we cannot even imagine how much they spend to enjoy this hobby.

9) Polo

Source = Poloworld

No wonder, polo is an exciting and dynamic sport. This extravagant hobby can cost around $8000 per year and a decent polo horse can costs around $20,000 excluding extra expenses. So, if you are someone planning to make it a hobby then, get ready to overflowed your money.

10) Car Racing

Source = Ft

You might be wondering that race car belongs to professionals but it is not true. There are many people who just love to explore car rides and enjoy it as a hobby. This is quite shocking to know that 15-20 minutes of ride on a professional car can cost around $360 and own a race car could cost more than $1 million, so, we cannot even think about the amount that require to perceive this hobby.

11) Travelling

Source = Hearstapps

It’s no secret that exploring the world and different places is a dream of many people. But for some people travelling from one country to another country, visiting cityside, local parks, different continent, etc is like a hobby. Travelling can be really pricey and lavish hobby depending on the country or place you visit, food and other expenses.

12) Mountain Climbing

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Mountain climbing doesn’t seem like an easy going adventure especially for the people who are a novice or having less experience. But, guided climbs have made it possible and accessible even for the beginners also. If you are someone loves mountain climbing and you opt for guides then, it will cost around $170,000.

Seems like, wealthy people have access to some astonishing leisure activities that you maybe can’t do or you have to wait for the day when you become a millionaire.


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