15+ Super Creative & Awe-Inspiring Sculptures That Aren’t Much Popular

Since centuries, artists have enriched humanity with their outstanding works. And, the art of sculpture is one of them. So, have a look at these 15+ extremely eye-catching & thought-provoking sculptures all over the world.

5 years ago
15+ Super Creative & Awe-Inspiring Sculptures That Aren’t Much Popular

Art of modern sculpture began with the work of Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) who is regarded as the progenitor of modern sculpture. He described this as the art of embodying objects in metal, stone, or other materials. And, since that time, it is one metaphorical language which helped artists to speak with the audience about everything from relationships & feelings to philosophy and climate change.

No wonder, almost every city has its creative sculptures or statues, usually tucked along city squares or streets. And, believe it or not, most of them are extremely eye-catching and thought-provoking. Also, all of them surely represent a landmark and cultural heritage of the city in which they are located.

Undoubtedly, these famous sculptures attract tourists from all over the world. However, all these sculptures may not be much popular, but they're surely worth seeing.

So, here we are presenting a collection of some beautiful as well as astonishing sculptures which represent national treasure and they attract many visitors to see them. Well, the list includes all types of sculptures, old, new, but they're all super creative and awe-inspiring. Take a look below to see all these sculptures.

1. The Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn

Source = Yandex

The Force of Nature sculpture is amazing work by Lorenzo Quinn out of a series of gravity-defying sculptures conferring women rotating the Earth with pieces of cloth. Stunning!

2. Les Voyageurs

Source = Twimg

Bruno Catalano is behind this series of life-size bronze sculptures that are known as “Les Voyageurs” or The Travelers. In these sculptures, the figures are missing huge parts of their bodies as if they are slowly dropping away.

3. Przejście (Passage)

Source = Jacquelinemhadel

Jerzy Kalina made this astonishing sculpture named Przejście (Passage) sculpture. No wonder it is an amazing installation consisting of 14 shapes placed in Wrocław, Poland. The center composition is a woman who is surrounded by the members of her family where some are emerging from the ground.

This picture was once posted with the beautiful & complete description which says,

“These statutes are situated near the traffic light and depicting people going underground. It's called " Anonymous passerby", by Jerzy Kalina originally. It symbolizes enslavement by communism, with people disappearing at night, taken by communist police. #anonymouspasserby #monument #wroclaw #przejście #statue #jerzykalina #architecture #art #streetart #artsy #urbanart #artwork #travelgram #traveling #beautiful #landmark #poland #polska”

4. Maman

Source = Guggenheim-bilbao

Louise Bourgeois built this sculpture and named it “Maman.” It is a bronze, marble, and stainless steel spider sculpture which is also a part of the Guggenheim Bilbao. Well, imagine if you're standing below it and comes alive. LOL!

5. Hands on the City Venice

Source = Designyoutrust

Another engaging sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn, Venice Biennale sculpture depicts dramatic hands emerging from the Grand Canal and striving to save Venice from drowning. Well, it was once mentioned that the sculpture was meant to draw more attention to the difficulty of climate change. Hats off!

6. Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat

Source = Flickr

The Unknown Bureaucrat also called as the Unknown Official, and made by Magnus Tomasson, is an extraordinary and eye-catching piece of art located in Reykjavik, Iceland. He made this in the year 1994. Though, you have to decide for yourself whether it was meant as a serious tribute, or an amusing, sarcastic artwork.

7. Walking by Wei Wang

Source = Vietucnews

Walking by Wei Wang is an enormous sculpture made by great sculpture artist by Wei Wang at the festival Sculptures by the Sea in Bondi, Australia. Amazing!

8. The Kelpies in Falkirk

Source = Trover

The Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland are 30-meter-high horse-head sculptures depicting kelpies shape-shifting water spirits. It comes under the world’s largest equine sculptures as well.

Look at the amazing view of it them night when the sculptures are lit! Just Beautiful!

Source = Visitscotland

9. Looking Up

Source = Thecontemporaryaustin

Looking Up by Tom Friedman is a sculpture made up of polished stainless steel and cast from crushed oven roaster pans and aluminum foil. It is a 33-foot stainless steel sculpture located in Austin, Texas. Moreover, it is a perfect example of monumental contemporary art.

Talking about the sculpture, Tom Friedman said,

“If I’m working small, I’ll start thinking about working large.
If I’m working geometrically, I’ll think about working organically. Untitled faces down, while the figure in Looking Up looks skyward. Creating relationships between opposites creates dynamism.”

He further said,

“I was thinking about 9/11 and reclaiming the sky. People in New York don’t often look up. I wanted the sculpture to be a segue between people and the sky.”

10. Karma

Source = Curiositycocktail

Karma Sculpture by Korean artist Do Ho Suh is an impressive sculpture located in the Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden which is observed at the New Orleans Museum of Art. The sculpture depicts a tower of blinded men rising into the sky.

No wonder it is a dramatic installation compromising male figures resting at each other’s shoulders and blinding each other using their hands. This is an enormous human ladder.

11. Diminish and Ascend

Source = Mymodernmet

David McCracken made this amazing sculpture in Bondi, Australia. Maybe it’s an example of optical illusion but, it looks like an infinite stairway to the skies if you look at it from certain angles. Looks just wow!

12. Le Pouce (The Thumb)

Source = Homeinladefense

The great sculpture by César Baldaccini back in 1965, is an unusual tourist attraction in Paris, known as Le Pouce in French.

No wonder you will find numerous different statues and sculptures in Paris, and some of them are far more unique than others same as the large sculpture of a thumb that we can find within the Place Carpeaux.

The Thumb, large bronze sculpture, measures approximately weighs over 18 tons with a height of 12 meters. Moreover, it shows the fingerprint of Cesar Baldaccini on the back of this monument in Paris which was only put in place in 1994.

Now, the sculpture, a Thumbs Up is also known internationally as a gesture of Good Luck and visited by thousands of people each year.

13. Wire Sculpture

Source = Wp

Robin Wight is an excellent artist who makes these breathtaking sculptures which are so fragile and airy. One cannot imagine at first glance that all these are made of steel wire.

You can have a look at more of his artworks on his Instagram page! (5.1)

14. Primavera, Sculpture of Cubano Rafael San Juan

Source = Granma

This is one outstanding artwork seen so far. Rafael San Juan made this monumental metal sculpture in Havana, Cuba. The sculpture depicts as it is celebrating the power of Cuban women. The sensuality and beauty of this classic sculpture were inspired by Cuban ballet dancers. Stunning!

15. Heart of Trees

Source = Insolidcorten

The great artist Jaume Plensa built these sculptures of the series Heart of Trees can be seen in different cities of the world. Must say, these bronze figures that are slightly larger than life-size embrace trees with their arms and legs look very surreal. Isn’t it?

Look at Some More of the Astonishing Sculptures Here

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Final Thoughts

Well, this is not it! There are many more best sculptures established in the entire world. However, which of these sculptures you liked the most or which one you would like to see with your own eyes? So, feel free to tell us through comment section!


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